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Fact sheets

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November 2005

The issue:

This draft regulation that has been rumbling slowing through the legislative machinery since October 2001 has been withdrawn as part of the Commission's initiative on "better regulation".

EPC position:

The The EPC is in two minds about the decision as although we always supported the strong liberalising effect of the Regulation, based on the principle of the country of origin, it was always concerned that part of the proposal could have been interpreted to mean that publishers would no longer be able to fix their own cover prices, or levy commission on these, except by contract. Another concern was that MEPs were strongly opposing the country of origin principle - the cornerstone of most media regulation in Europe.

For further information:

FOR JOURNALISTS on this or other topics, please contact Heidi Lambert Communications on Tel: +44 1245 476 265 or

FOR EPC MEMBERS AND GENERAL ENQUIRIES please contact Angela Mills on Tel: +44 1865 310 732 or

For further information on this or other topics, please contact:
- Heidi Lambert on Tel: +44 1245 476 265 (, or
- Angela Mills Wade on Tel: +44 1865 310 732

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