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Francisco Pinto Balsemão
Chairman, EPC
Chairman and CEO,
Impresa S.G.P.S.
Rua Ribeiro Sanches 65
1200 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 392 9782
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Angela Mills Wade
Executive Director
c/o Europe Analytica
26 Avenue Livingstone
Bte 3
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: +322 231 1299
Press Relations
Heidi Lambert Communications
Tel:  +44 1245 476 265
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European Organisations

Council of Europe
The Council of Europe is an intergovernmental organisation which aims:

  • to protect human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law;
  • to promote awareness and encourage the development of Europe’s cultural identity and diversity;
  • to seek solutions to problems facing European society (discrimination against minorities, xenophobia, intolerance, environmental protection, human cloning, Aids, drugs, organised crime, etc.);
  • to help consolidate democratic stability in Europe by backing political, legislative and constitutional reform.

Welcome to Europa
Europa is the portal site of the European Union. It provides up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information on European integration.

The European Commission
The European Commission operates at the very heart of the EU. Its role as the source of policy initiatives is unique and the Commission has used its right of initiative to transform the framework provided by the treaties establishing the European Communities into today's integrated structures.

The European Council
The Council of Ministers is the European body comprised of representatives of the Member State Governments. For example the Agricultural Council meetings will be comprised of each Members Agriculture Ministers. Four times a year the heads of each Government meet in the form of European Council meetings.

European Court of Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights is comprised of entirely independent judges, elected by the Parliamentary Assembly. The Court deals with individual’s petitions and inter-state cases concerning the European Convention on Human Rights.

European Court of Justice and First Instance
This site contains useful information about the institutions, including a database of case law, up to date news and list of publications.

The European Parliament
The European Parliament represents 'the peoples of the States brought together in the European Community'. Some 375 million European citizens in 27 countries are now involved in the process of European integration through their 626 representatives in the European Parliament.

European Union Member State index
Has information about all 27 Members States.


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