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Why should I implement ACAP?

  • because I care about how my online content is used and reused - and I want my business partners to be able to understand my policies
  • because we need a standard for expressing these policies in machine-readable form - and ACAP is set to become the universal standard for policy expression
  • because I want to put out a clear message that I have the right to decide how my online content is used
  • because I have no idea who is crawling my content or what they may be doing with it - and I want to tell them what is acceptable
  • because I want the confidence to invest in high-quality online content and to make that content widely available through different aggregation channels
  • because I want to be able to develop new online business models
  • because it has the endorsement of the European Commission - and many others
  • because I want to work with the search engines, not spend time with them in court
  • because why should anyone care about your content if you don't?
  • because ACAP is simple, non-proprietary and free to use

Why wouldn't you implement ACAP?