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Press release archive


European Commission Recognises Importance of Copyright for Content Creators in Key New Proposals - 25 May 2023

UK Government Report on IPR and Digital Rights in Line With Publishers’ ‘Big Idea’ Being Launched at the EU’s Digital Assembly on 17 June - 18 May 2023


Publishers’ Copyright Management Idea Selected By Commission For Digital Agenda Strategy - 22 November 2023

Media freedom threatened by lack of legal certainty and multiple libel actions across Europe - 23 June 2023

Spanish President opens crucial EU Presidency conference on serious challenges facing Europe's media and journalism: Europe's publishers call for advertising freedom and 21st century copyright for the digital age - 07 June 2023

Adequate online copyright essential for success of Digital Europe, say Europe's publishers - 20 May 2023


Europe's leading publishers welcome EU Commission initiative on protecting intellectual property rights - 14 September 2023

International publishers demand new intellectual property rights protection to safeguard the future of journalism - 09 June 2023

EU Institutions pose threat to internet economy of Europe - 24 April 2023

Unlimited expansion of public broadcasters into new media threatens development of commercial players (PDF file) - Brussels, 05 March 2023 (press release in German and French)

European media business calls for fair play and respect of competition policy in European television market (PDF file) - 24 February 2023

Invitation to journalist breakfast on state aid to public broadcasters, 24 February 2023 (PDF file) - 16 February 2023


Publishers pledge to fight on against advertising restrictions - EP votes today on emissions - 25 September 2023

EPC Chairman warns Member States and Brussels of potential consumer rebellion: "Public service broadcasting must be redefined and radically changed" - 18 September 2023

Call for radical redefinition of public service broadcasting by EPC Chairman Francisco Pinto Balsemão: "Don't confuse the future with the past of public service broadcasting" (PDF file) - 18 September 2023

Publishers fear new threats to press freedom: Key meeting, 5 June, Brussels - 27 May 2023

Comments from the European Publishers Council on the review of the Commission's Communication on the application of state aid rules to public service broadcasting and a response to the questionnaire (PDF file) - 14 March 2023

Europe's publishers call for radical change to public service broadcasting rules - 14 March 2023

"Timely, clear and insightful - but traditional publishers must be supported": Europe's publishers respond to the Commission's communication on Creative Content Online - 29 February 2023


New copyright legislation for digital publishing imminent, says European Commissioner at Publishers Forum - 12 December 2023

Join Europe's leading publishers at annual roundtable with EU decision makers - 19 November 2023

European Publishers Forum programme 2007 (PDF file) - 19 November 2023

Commissioner Kuneva endorses European advertising self-regulation (PDF file) - 04 September 2023

Europe's publishers welcome Commission working paper on media pluralism - 16 January 2024

MEPs urged to vote for press freedom: Rome II vote, 18 January, Strasbourg - 14 January 2024


Europe's publishers and journalists in joint plea to protect press freedom in Rome II vote - 15 December 2023

MEPs vote today on TVWF Directive: cornerstone of broadcasting regulation in Europe - 13 December 2023

Industry declaration on Country of Origin: Media declaration published in advance of first reading vote on AMS/TVWF, 11-14 December - 04 December 2023

EPC calls on MEPs to stop member states interfering in free circulation of media content - 04 December 2023

Europe's publishers seek firm commitment from Commissioner on press freedoms and other key media policy issues - 01 December 2023

Parliament and Council on course to destabilise European broadcasting services - 13 November 2023

Global publishers head off legal clash with search engines: new rights management pilot imminent - 22 September 2023

EPC response to the public consultation on the future of the Internal Market Communication from the Commission - 27 July 2023 (also in PDF)

New Audiovisual Services Directive will stifle media competitiveness, say Europe's leading publishers - 01 June 2023

EPC response to the Commission's Green Paper on "Promoting healthy diets and physical activity: Towards a European strategy for the prevention of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases" - 14 March 2023

Europe's publishers welcome Frattini's support for freedom of expression - 22 February 2023

Media exclusion possible compromise to unblock Rome II deadlock: majority of member states remain split on forum shopping controversy - 08 February 2024


Europe's publishers speak out on today's decision on controversial TV Without Frontiers Directive - 13 December 2023

Commissioner Reding could step in to stop constitutional row: Council meets on Rome II Defamation and Privacy Regulation, 13 December - 12 December 2023

Europe's publishing leaders call on EU institutions to nurture fundamental press freedoms and competitiveness - 06 December 2023

Press invite: EU Commissioners meet with publishers to thrash out crucial media policy (Invitation to the Publishers Forum) - 30 November 2023

Council and Commission set to ignore Parliament majority vote on Privacy and Defamation Regulation: Media sector braces itself for constitutional row with the EU - 30 November 2023

Journalists sign up with publishers against Rome II: Constant threat of legal action would seriously undermine press freedom - June 2005


Media industry sets out market distortions and calls for rigorous application of state aid rules to publicly-funded broadcasters (PDF file) - March 2004

Safeguarding the future of the European Audiovisual Market - a white paper on the financing and regulation of publicly funded broadcasters (PDF file) - March 2004

Behind the scenes talks could lead to exemptions for Europe's public broadcasters from state aid rules - February 2004


Tougher EU enforcement directive essential to help Europe's publishers fight piracy, says EPC - November 2003

David Byrne, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection - speaking note from EPC seminar for journalists - 16 September 2023

Commissioner David Byrne joins Europe's publishers at seminar: Improving communication of EU media and media-related issues - September 2003

Europe's publishers hold seminar for media correspondents: "Improving Communication of EU Media and Media-related Issues" - September 2003

Europe's publishers speak out against "censorship" directive - September 2003

Positive talks held with Prodi, Reding, Bolkestein, Liikanen and Byrne - September 2003

Proposed restrictions on food and beverage advertising fly in face of free press and free market, says European Publishers Council - July 2003

EPC slams commission for media censorship proposal - July 2003


New threat to financial journalists in market abuse directive (Word .doc file) - September 2002

Last minute cookies amendments vital to ecommerce and online publishing industries: crucial changes proposed in advance of EP Committee vote, 17-18 April (Word .doc file) - April 2002

Council set to remove essential safeguards for financial journalists in market abuse directive (Word .doc file) - April 2002

Tobacco ad ban is disproportionate, discriminatory - and illegal: publishers put their case in advance of key EP hearing, 15 April (Word .doc file) - April 2002

Hands off the cookies - EPC calls for crucial amendments at this week's EP plenary (Word .doc file) - March 2002

European Parliament vote "significant step in right direction" for financial reporting (Word .doc file) - March 2002


Internet cookies could crumble: MEPs set to outlaw user-friendly internet tools at this week's plenary (Word .doc file) - September 2001

German copyright law set to undermine EU's entire publishing sector: EU consults on contract law (Word .doc file)

Journalists face criminal charges: commission digs in heels on directive on insider trading (Word .doc file) - November 2001